LARIN MRAMOR COMPANY AD, Skopje exploits the Macedonian marble which, as a building and architectural decorative stone due to its aesthetic and technical characteristics, has been with a long tradition since the oldest times till the present.
The numerous archeological locations in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia dating from the Roman Epoch, such as Stobi, Heraclea and many others, are evidences to justify and support the above said.
Besides the colossal whiteness of the material, its fine-grained structure gives a great contribution to its usage enabling the craftsmen - sculptors to sculpture their artistic works of high value, which even today arouse a great excitement with people.
This marble, which through the history of its usage has had an importance of being an aristocrat stone, and being exploited by LARIN AD, now is offered to you as a proof of the "EXISTENCE OF ARISTOCRACY THROUGH THE TIME".