The deposit location is in the vicinity of Prilep, with height above sea-level of 900 m. The area is characterized with changeable climate enabling an exploitation activity of about 10 - 11 months during a year.

The product that the company produces is named POLARIS and it is worth mentioning that the LARIN MRAMOR COMPANY AD is an exclusive manufacturer of this kind of the Macedonian marble.

The quarry does not imperil the architectonic and urban appearance of the environment emphasizing that any necessary measures for protection thereof have been taken.

The marble exploitation is carried out exclusively by means of highly productive machines of great effectiveness.
The exploitation of the marble deposit is performed at surface mine. While designing the technique for cutting the surface mine "Bela Pola" the most recent achievements in respect to marble exploitation have been taken into consideration.
Otherwise, the surface mine is elevation one and is carried out at several stories, each with height of 8 - 10 m.
During the marble exploitation only diamond wire saws are used. However any operation for getting the blocks is highly mechanized.