LARIN MRAMOR COMPANY AD was founded 1997 and it start as a company with
14 employees and small production of marble. During the past years the production grew and it will continue to grow and to increase the production and services.

LARIN AD's personnel is consisted of 35 qualified, skilled, experienced, reliable and trustworthy employees. The high standards of professionalism among the employees are maintained through constant training and continuous improvement of the working environment.
The highly skilled staff of LARIN AD, is a guarantee for the quality, quantity and speed demanded by the modern notion in the use of the marble.

LARIN AD, is an export oriented company and 90% of its production is exported. The product POLARIS is well known on the market as a very qualitative material and it is also very successful placed on the market. LARIN AD will continue to promote its products in every market and will continue to build a stable and lasting business relationship with its present and future partners.

We do believe that this very brief presentation of our company will be useful for your making a decision concerning the use of our marble. Should you require any further information of any point, please do not hesitate to contact us.